Moving Advice & Preparations

Moving Advice & Preparation

Expedite and make the moving process a lot easier by following these easy preparation tips from Elite Moving Systems, Inc. By following our handy guides and checklists, you will be able to enjoy an easy and stress-free move without any complications. Call us today at 877-732-6858 for additional advice on how to save time and money on your moving services!

Packing Services

If you have requested our packing services, you will meet with our professional packing agents and walk them through your home. This way, they can become oriented with your rooms and determine which objects require special care. Be sure to point out which goods do not need to be packed so there will not be any confusion later on. Before the packing crew leaves, the supervisor of the crew will give you some forms that itemize the contents of each carton. These are called Inventory Sheets. You will need to sign these and give them to the drivers when they arrive on moving day.


Packing Everything Up

On move-out day, your household goods will be organized and loaded onto the moving truck as instructed. All your belongings will be detailed on the Inventory Sheets, with detailed notes denoting previously damaged or marked areas of your furniture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your driver.

Preparing a Moving Checklist

On moving day, make sure you know your time of delivery so you can be ready when the moving crew arrives. Moving day can be very chaotic at times, so have a moving checklist handy and designate someone to examine the furniture and check off each item as it is moved out of your home. This extra step will ensure that nothing is accidentally left behind.

Informative Booklet

We will provide you with a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This booklet contains accurate information and explains the moving process step by step. It will also outline some of the detailed rules and regulations of the moving industry to keep you informed and to reduce potential complications.

Federal Law requires that this booklet be furnished by your mover. Beware of moving companies that do not provide this to you.

Moving Tips for Specific Items

Air Conditioners

Some sealed units may need to be bolted down. Consult your owner’s manual first.


Items should be placed in linen cartons.


We will fully dismantle and set up all beds.


Pack books in small, sturdy cartons and tape closed. Books should not be left in drawers or bookshelves.


Wrap items individually in unprinted newspaper and place in a sturdy carton with the heaviest items at the bottom.


Perishable food should be discarded. Canned goods should be placed in sturdy cartons weighing not more than 50 pounds.

Furniture Glass Tops

To avoid breakage, these items must be crated for shipping.


Wrap individually and place in cartons right side up


All valuables should be kept in your immediate possession.


To avoid breakage, these items should be crated or boxed for shipping.


We will roll and remove your rugs. All tacks should be removed from carpeting.


To avoid breakage, these items should be crated or boxed for shipping.

Kitchen Utensils/Appliances

Wrap and place in cartons with heavier items on the bottom


Wrap small lamps and lampshades in unprinted newspaper and place in cartons. Remove ornamental tops.


Optionally, we will pack mattresses in mattress cartons.


Line the bottom of the box with three sheets of unprinted newspaper. Wrap each piece individually in unprinted newspaper. Stack heaviest items on the bottom and stack plates vertically. Use two sheets of unprinted newspaper between layers. Pack cups and saucers on top.


Small clothing should be packed in suitcases or cartons. Optionally, we will transfer your clothing from your closet to wardrobe containers so your clothing will remain wrinkle-free.

Clocks/Grandfather Clocks

Small clocks should be wrapped and placed in boxes. Chimes, weights, and pendulums on larger clocks should be removed or secured to the base.


Remove the rods from the curtains. Draperies may be placed on hangers in the wardrobe cartons or folded and placed in cartons.

Stereo Equipment

Expensive equipment should be prepared for moving by a service person. DVD’s, CD’s, and other media formats should be secured in a small carton.


You must disconnect your stove before the movers arrive. Any removable parts should be packed separately. Gas lines should be shut off and capped.


One or two days before moving, your refrigerator or freezer should be completely emptied, defrosted, and dried out. All removable parts should be wrapped and placed in cartons.

Television Sets

TVs should be unplugged at least 24 hours before moving. Antennas should be removed and disassembled. If you are moving a large screen television, we recommend that you get this crated.

Items We Cannot Move